post house condos 10% deposit promotion

Post House Condos Special Offer

Post House condos located at George and Adelaide is having a sale (sort of). The prices are not on sale, but the deposit structure they are offering is. Check it out: $3K with offer balance of 5% in 30 days 5% in 120 days 5% in June 2013 5% at occupancy Only 10% is required […]

East Side of Downtown Set for Transformation

This is just a quick post to link to an excellent article from The Star talking about the transformation and development that is happening on the east side of downtown. Specifically the article makes reference to the Dundas and Sherbourne / Moss Park neighbourhood. Pace condos and the soon to be released Oxygen Maisonettes are […]

Ritz Carlton Toronto model suite

Ritz-Carlton One Day Sale

The Ritz Carlton is having a One Day Sale to celebrate their grand opening and imminent completion of the building. On Saturday April 30, buyers are invited to purchase one of the last remaining suites at specially discounted prices. Contact me for more details. The Residences of The Ritz-Carlton is almost complete. The hotel opened up a […]

Trying to Preserve Our Real Estate Utopia

We are the envy of the world. We have a stable government, solid economy, peaceful culture, and the Toronto condo market is the biggest and best in North America. Unfortunately the US is still a total gong show and continues to threaten to drag us and the rest of the free world down. The government is trying […]

Lessons From Australia

In case you haven’t heard, the hottest real estate market in the world right now is in Australia. It’s like Calgary in 2006 down there! This recent Globe and Mail article outlines the situation with our Commonwealth cousins down under and is worth a read. Some interesting tidbits from the article if you don’t have […]

Special Offer Available at Post House Condos

November 24th update: Prices at Post House Condos to go up December 1. Contact me to take advantage of these low prices and special incentives before it’s too late. While developers across the board are now starting to roll out incentives for buyers as they compete for sales, some offers are still only available to […]

Eight More Floors at X2

X2 was one of fastest selling condos downtown in the past 12 months. Back when it launched in November ’09 there was much controversy over the fact that a large group of agents got shut out of getting any units because they were supposedly in the wrong line up (let’s just refer to it from […]

Top-5 New Launches to Watch

It’s been a very busy year for new condo launches. Here are my top-5 projects that I’ll be watching for investment over the last few months of 2010: Bisha. This one could be special, but it certainly won’t be cheap. I’m hearing pricing will start in the high $600s and go up from there. I’ve […]

The Market Has Peaked

Some of my colleagues may not want to believe it, but we are now in a new market reality. The extremely bullish market we have been experiencing for the past 12 months, at times accelerating at a break neck pace, has ended. Top-10 anecdotal signs that the market has already peaked: ‘Fake’ developer websites for […]

Rejected Condo Projects in Toronto

Two New Condo Projects Rejected Based on Height

The City’s love/hate affair with tall buildings continues. Toronto is one of most high-rise friendly cities in the world, with more projects proposed, under construction, or recently completed than just about every city in the developed world. Still, developers face an uphill battle when looking to build ‘up’. Last week, two condo project proposals were […]

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